Selenium WebDriver with Java - Basics to Advanced and Frameworks

“#1 Master Selenium Java Course”

What you'll learn

  • By the end of this course, you will be Mastered on Selenium Webdriver with strong Core Java basics.
  • InDepth understanding of real time Selenium Challenges with 100+ examples
  • You will be in a position to pick any website over internet and can automate it with all the possible test cases
  • You will be able to create Great Looking Reports to impress clients
  • Includes a practice website to play around with all available web driver functions to automate
  • You will gain the ability to design PAGE OBJECT, DATA DRIVEN & HYBRID Automation Frameworks from scratch
  • Additional knowledge to understand Mobile Testing Database Testing and Performance Testing with Selenium
  • You will improve your coding skills in writing best optimized code for Automation testcases
  • You should be able to verify Data Integrity with the GUI of the application
  • Deeper understanding of Automation guidelines and code quality standards


  • You need not have java coding experience to start this course. Even non programming candidates can follow this course comfortably
  • All installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of course
  • Course includes real time projects with practical solutions for the Robust Selenium Framework building
  • Theoretical Material, Code dump are available for download


This course covers Java Basics Core + Selenium Webdriver + Advanced Selenium + Framework design (TESTNG, ANT, Page Object, Maven, Jenkins, Excel Datadriven, Cucumber, Log4) + Selenium Grid + Database Testing + Performance Testing on Selenium scripts + Mobile Testing Basics + Material

On course completion you will be Mastered in Selenium Automation testing and implementing successfully in your work place or you will land on High Paying Job

We assume that students have no experience in automation/coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.

Examples are taken from REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS to understand how different components can be automated.

Topics Includes:

  1. Selenium Webdriver – Major focus
  2. Live Examples in Automating Web Applications in all supported Browsers
  3. Strategy to handle Rich Web UI using Advanced WebDriver
  4. Real time challenges we facee in WebDriver and solutions to handle it
  5. Selenium Grid
  6. Live projects on Selenium
  7. TestNG
  8. Maven
  9. ANT
  10. Jenkins
  11. Log4j
  12. Test Execution Reports
  13. Cucumber
  14. Data Driven Framework
  15. Hybrid Framework
  16. Page Object Model Framework
  17. DataBase testing with Selenium
  18. Performance Testing with Selenium
  19. Mobile Automation basics only
  20. Framework Design from scratch (TestNG, ANT, PageObject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel, Data driven, Cucumber, Log4j, Client html reports)

Who this course is for

  • Manual testers, Non programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
  • Freshers/Graduates who want to kick start their career in IT world

Course Content

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Selenium Webdriver with Java